Kayak Franklin PA

AJ loves to kayak in and around Franklin – from French Creek into Franklin – from north on the Allegheny into Franklin and most of all from Franklin south on the Allegheny. There’s a great spot just west, along 322 on French Creek where a person with a “play boat” can spends hours circling up the eddy and back on the rapids.

AJ also likes to paddle in the back water around Hogue island near where French Creek and the river meet, then have a picnic at Riverfront park where Franklin hosts an official stone skipping event each year. Two Guinness world record holders have skipped stones and qualified for the national event in this very park!

Heading down from Riverfront park on Elk Street, AJ recommends stopping at the boat sales to see the latest kayak models, then head for the Marina on the 300 Block. There, you can rent a kayak or arrange transport to a starting destination or pick up from points south.

That’s not all! If you stay in Franklin, two very nice lakes are minutes away where you can enjoy leisurely paddling, great scenery and wildlife – notably, Goddard State Park and Two Mile Run County Park.

Wherever you go, don’t forget to tell them AJ sent you!

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